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When Two Souls Merge as One

This is the story of how I learned I was living life as two souls instead of one in August of 2021, how they got merged, and the impacts on my life, identity and career.  It's a story of significant healing and why I needed the insertion of a second soul at the age of 5. This is called a "walk-in," and also describes how I used Theta Healing as part of the healing process to discover a new identity and skills.

Part One begins with what happened as a 5-year old girl, and transitions into what I learned about who the second soul was that entered my life at that time.  

Part Two describes the decision to discover more about my two souls and the impact in my current lifetime.

Part Three describes what I am doing in between lives.  This is an extraordinary view of how we live our lives as souls and is available to everyone.

Image by Daniel Roe

Part Four presents the journey I took to get clarity around my life purpose in my current lifetime.  It was wonderful to see this after I saw the other journeys, because it makes more sense now based on who I have been previously.

Hiking in the Highlands

Part Five describes how nature and I have healed each other during this process, and what I have learned so far through my abilities to converse with it.

This is a temporary conclusion to the story because I am still writing the ending! It describes what I decided to do about my name and how my healing process is progressing. 

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