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When Two Souls Merge as One - Part Five
Receiving Healing from Nature

During this time, I have been cultivating my abilities to talk to plants, trees and mountains.  They all have the ability and desire to heal us!  The day after my second past life regression session, I went out to feed my tree (his name is Monight) and offer a healing because the tree isn’t as healthy as it could be in my opinion. My husband thinks he won’t be around too long but I’m trying to fix that.   After I connected in, I got guidance to feed him monthly, which was very helpful!  I then used the Theta Healing command to offer a healing and have done that a few times now.


He spoke to me and said, “Nature hurt you once; nature wants to heal you now.  Lean on us for that.” I immediately encountered healing in my lower chakras, which was just amazing!  The sensations of receiving healing from any life that is non-human are quite remarkable, as I have discovered. I also heard him tell me that just because I was two souls didn’t mean that I am not still one!  We are ALL one!  There is no separation!”  Such exquisite guidance for me!  I asked him his gender, which is when I got “male.”  I then made the comment that I am unsure how to address the gender question now with so many preferences for that.  He said, “that is because they are rainbow children.”  


In Theta Healing, founder Vianna Stibal describes these children as being born with infinite wisdom and to come into the planet to heal and change the world.  They are intuitive, loving, adaptable, and have memories of other time periods. They have been born frequently since the 1960’s but there are those that are older than that.  I have read that they are less concerned with gender identities. 


Having learned that I too am a rainbow child has supported the growth and cultivation of new abilities to bring more healing into the world and to work with nature. My path to working with nature has been opened.  I receive healing from nature in another group I am in that channels these absolute beings of light, and have been healed by the mountains, rocks and crystals on numerous occasions in different ways. My goal is to call them in to my healing sessions with clients so they too can benefit from these amazing experiences, as well as work with them.


My second healing came from a tree in my back yard. His name is Marunda.  When I connected into him, he offered me complete acceptance for the life I have lived to date and told me that any time I didn’t feel accepting of myself or accepted by others to come be with him and nature.  He encouraged me to accept for myself the life I have lived.  This identity shift has created numerous challenges in questioning what I have lived, whether it was worth it, whether it mattered and all of that.  It all counts; as Creator told me a few months back, “nothing is ever wasted.”  Nature accepts me completely and unconditionally, just like my sacred circle (my angels, spirit guides, soul family and council of light, and special spirits that accompany me in healing sessions.) I asked Marunda if he needed anything in terms of food (phosphorus) or more water than what he gets.  He said no.  I confirmed that my soil is sufficient for him.  I asked him for a healing for a number of physical ailments and it was truly remarkable. It felt like waves of energy pouring through my entire body and I felt lighter after the fact.  He thanked me a few times at the end; nature would love to be doing more for us! 


As part of my healing process these last few months, I connected with mountains twice, just by going into a theta state and issuing the statement to speak to them.  The first time I just made it known to Creator that this was my desire, and later that afternoon Mount Kilimanjaro connected in. It was quite a powerful bodily sensation, and I knew a mountain was coming to connect with me. When they connected in, it was a rising up from my lower belly and they offered me light code activations, which help us become more of who we truly are at the DNA level.  It was my first experience and I just sat and absorbed and enjoyed the experience. I did get their name, but unfortunately, my phone rang shortly thereafter and was a call I needed to take and we got cut short, but I knew there would be more. 


The second time I issued the Theta Healing command to speak to the mountains Freemont Peak in Wyoming connected with me.  It was nothing less than remarkable.  They connected in through my root chakra, then through my sacral chakra and then up through my solar plexus.  I felt a powerful squeeze in my hips!  That was a hug!  It absolutely felt like I had gone home, and now I know why.  I healed the mountains in my former life as a Native American Shaman.  I was almost in tears it was so amazing!  I continued to sit for a while and let them work on my lower chakras. Due to a childhood trauma (documented in part …..) I have needed and received numerous healings on those from Creator, my sacred circle, and now nature.  It has all been to return me to myself as a healer of nature and people.  


We talked for a bit and I learned of and sensed a sadness in this mountain.  The sadness is about erosion.  While there is a natural amount of erosion that occurs in nature, humanity is accelerating it at a disturbing rate with the cutting down of trees, moving of elements like rocks that minimize erosion and all things related to climate change.  The wind and the sun naturally create some erosion, but brutal storms we see accelerate those effects.  We talked about how I could be an advocate for the mountains, both in action as an activist but also by giving them a voice, like I am doing now.  Bringing attention to the world that we are doing significant harm to the planet in more ways than one. I issued the command in Theta Healing to offer a healing for the sadness.


I told them about my recent trip to Colorado and asked if there would be a way to build my dream home in the side of a mountain (there would have to be benefits and absolutely no harm of course), and he said Buena Vista.  I was just there and it is a quaint town completely surrounded by the mountains.  I didn’t know why I asking that except out of pure love, but then learned that in my former life I lived in a cave in the side of the mountain.  So much makes sense now!


Since then, I have learned to communicate with rocks and crystals, and even learned that a small one I brought home from Colorado didn’t want to leave there.  Everything has a life!  Everything has a voice! I was going to send it back to my friend there but was guided to use Theta Healing to download “it is connected to its original source” into it.  That facilitated wholeness for that rock, and it sits on my desk supporting me to grow my abilities to work with this life.  I have a process I used to prepare the other rocks I brought home to work with me, including clearing negative energies from the time they began their journey to the time they arrived with me, clearing memories that may not be serving them now, and reclaiming any soul fragments they may have left behind somewhere on their journey.  This is all so that they can be whole.  Everything deserves to be whole. A few sit on my desk and the rest are around my fairy garden outside.

Read the temporary conclusion to this story (I am still writing the ending)!

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