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Image by Matt Howard

Conclusion (For Now!)

I am now called Mary in my healing circles, and phasing it in mostly because I have to remember to answer to it!  There are numerous logistical changes to make around this change and numerous people to notify.  Annette is not lost; the skills and talents I developed as her will serve me well as a healer.  She is in a supporting role now instead of the star of the show. She is still loved and revered for what she did and accomplished (and for how she supported me I am suddenly reminded), but it is time now to return to my naturally born state.


Creator has done numerous energetic and psychic healings with me to get my body to accept the change.  It finally did after the revelation of the dream and healing that happened by my sacred circle of guides and healers right then.  I heard Mary my soul say, “your body will take me now” and so I used the Theta Healing command to integrate the soul as the dominant one in my body.  I began to feel the energy flow through my hands so I could bring energy to myself and participate in the healing process.  I received a gift of a “hearty body” from the soul that was Mighty One. She had a hearty body until the fateful day that ended her life. That gift was delivered to me by Mary my soul.


The next healing session was the clearing of belief programs surrounding this event no longer serving me …..(this portion coming soon...)


Wonderful changes are taking place in my body, and I know complete healing will be the end result.  Pain has existed for decades so clearing it out of all levels, including the auric fields, has taken time.  But the time, as I see it now, has been quite short.  


In just 6 months I have taken all these journeys and:

  • Become (and am still becoming) a trained healer

  • Learned new skills

  • Taken on a new identity

  • Partnered with nature

  • Let go of many of my old activities as a coach to be a different kind of coach

  • Taken on new clients and approaches to gaining them.

I feel more like Mary now internally, though I’m still getting used to answering to Mary.  Annette didn’t even care for the name Mary.  Mary, as Mary, loves the name Mary and thinks it is beautiful.  There have been many Mary healers through the course of history, so I am in good company and stand with the best of the best!  Besides, I have “Mighty One” in me!  It is no coincidence that my dominant archetypes are the magician/shaman.  I am now the best of both!


This conclusion is temporary; I am still writing the ending!

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