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When Two Souls Merge as One - Part Three

What I do in between lives


I was next privileged to see who I am and what I do in between lives as Karen guided me to that place. This gave me a broader perspective of my life that transcends this lifetime and also filled in a gap around purpose for me.  I never felt I had a purpose until I finally began to unravel this journey, and I appreciated the gift of this added insight.

I start by seeing an abundance of white light; my feet are bare, and I am floating through air.  I am an angel (about the age of 10).  I have angel wings, and my purpose is to bring joy to people and to other angels.  I have short, blond curly hair, and am dressed in a light blue dress. My skin is very soft and childlike. I am perfection, in the sense of I am perfect just the way that I am.  (That is a key message here - I am perfect as both souls!)


Karen then led me to discover the answers to the following questions from the angel (myself):


Can she confirm you are a joint soul?

  • Yes! I feel a oneness now.  She is here to finish the healing which means I’m here to finish healing myself.


What do you need to finish healing?

  • Acceptance to be one soul. Acceptance to be Mary. Being Mary is now an attractive thing where before I felt like I was being forced into being something different than I was or had always been.  

Does she believe it is important to merge the two souls?  

  • Yes.  It is important to be Mary and take along the skills, capabilities, and talents of Annette as an acknowledgement that Mary is not displacing Annette; she still has a place.  It’s ok to take them now into the role of Mary. Annette is ok being in a supporting role now.  In merging the two, I have the best of everything.  At this point I still felt a bit of resistance.

What is the resistance about? (I asked.)

  • She doesn’t want to be forgotten.  She is not asking for a huge role or dedication to what Annette has always done. I respond, “there is an opportunity in this lifetime to use the attributes of both Mary and Annette, so neither one is left behind and forgotten.”  I can do it in my brand and keep the theme alive. 

How can Annette (the soul) help me? 

  • She needs recognition from Mary that the role she played in my life was just as important as Mary’s role. I don’t have to leave behind Annette or Mary. They can be one. 

    • Update: On November 20, Creator revealed to me that had the second soul not stepped in, I would have faced a lifetime of mental illness.  I am fully resolved​ now that I know Annette made that kind of a difference!

Is it possible for both to be one? 

  • Yes. Mary says Annette will always be valued, respected, and loved.  

What do you do between lives? What is your work?  

  • As an angel I bring joy.  To people and to other angels.  

What’s your name as this Angel?

  • “Mary Annette. She says, "It’s ok to bring joy, and healing and magic in multiple places.  It is a healing of the either/or dichotomy.  I am both Mary and Annette.  We are both one and the same.  It is all connected anyway.” Angel Mary Annette is changing the feeling of separation to the feeling of oneness.

Can Angel Mary Annette check in on you and make sure you are on track for understanding the feeling of oneness? Does she have that ability?  

  • She has the ability to do that. She says I can connect with her any time.

Where does she stay on the other side?  

  • Her home is an alcove with beautiful light, other children angels are around her. They each have their own role. They have a lot of fun together.  

Do you recognize any of them?

  • One of them is my nephew, Carson.  He is a rainbow child on this planet in real life.  As an angel he is about 10 I think, and as a nephew he is now 14.  My soul knows him from the angelic realm.  

Karen says, "You are also a rainbow child. You and Carson know each other in the in-between life space as angels together. You came in this life before he did; he is younger, but you are about the same age as angels. You have a deep connection at the soul level."

Continue to part four and what I learn about my purpose in this lifetime.

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