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April 2024 Newsletter

You have an energy anatomy like you have a physical anatomy, and nothing happens to you physically that doesn’t start energetically.  


Your energy anatomy includes your subtle energies like the chakras, auric fields, and energy pathways (for example, meridians, nadis). These vary in what they are called depending on the spiritual/philosophical system you reference. 

Your energy anatomy was created before your physical anatomy; not the other way around. 

Why care for your energy?

Your overall energy anatomy is the Divine blueprint for your well-being and when allowed to flow universal life force energy (God, prana, chi, etc), produces vitality, health, abundance, and a life that works for you. The state of your energy anatomy determines the state of your body, mind, emotions, and life, and that anatomy can become blocked. 

When your aura, chakras and pathways are blocked, you may experience a variety of physical and mental health issues. You may experience illness, stress, a lack of focus and purpose in life, difficulties speaking your truth, challenges in relationships and more.  When we don’t know the truth of who we are and what is possible for us energetically, we experience anxiety, fear and other emotions that run counter to our goals. 


The good news is you get to choose what you allow into your energy anatomy. You can choose what you feed it (via your mind, your mouth, people you hang out with and more) and how you care for it (that is where this monthly newsletter will come in!) By taking care of your energy anatomy, you can prevent physical, mental and emotional difficulties before they appear and deal with problems holistically.

Your Energy Anatomy
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We each have chakras, auras, and energy pathways that perform specific functions based on their design. They are vital to our wellbeing.  They show dis-ease and dis-harmony, and in fact, are where dis-ease and dis-harmony begin.   


The word "chakra" is derived from the Sanskrit language meaning "spinning wheels of energy."  The chakras run up the spine from the base of the spine to just above the head and distribute energy through the body, unless they are blocked by stress or illness.  They govern your organs, endocrine glands and other body systems. They have specific spiritual colors and represent specific aspects of ourselves - both human and spiritual.  They indicate whether:

  • We feel safe.

  • We can deal with change.

  • We can live from our personal power.

  • We can love, forgive and feel compassion.

  • We can speak our truth and express ourselves creatively.

  • We can access our intuition,  see the big picture, and use our wisdom.

  • We can connect to the Divine through our higher self and know  we are pure consciousness, pure expansion, and one with everything....

...and much, much more.


When you enter a room, you pick up the “vibes” of another person.  This is because the auric fields surrounding the body extend past our physical bodies in all directions and can be felt by others. Your aura is an electromagnetic field that radiates from you.  It is the energy field that radiates from all life although some forms of life are so dense and vibrate so slowly that it is difficult to detect its aura (like a rock). When you come near another person (within 3-5 feet), an energetic exchange happens between your auras before you even speak. This exchange may be positive, negative, neutral or a mix. The aura is one of the ways we are connected to everyone else. How far the auras extend past our bodies and what colors they are depends on what is going on in our lives. The Auras and Chakras together make up the spiritual colors of an individual.

Energy Pathways
Energy pathways allow universal life force energy to flow throughout the body.  What these energy pathways are called is dependent on the spiritual or philosophical system you subscribe to. There are meridians, treated in Chinese medicine and by chiropractors using acupuncture (with needles) or acupressure (with the hands).  There are minor chakras and there are nadis (like meridians but called nadis in the Ayurvedic system).  All of these pathways are networks that channel universal life force energy to flow through our bodies.


The chakras, auras and energy pathways are vital to our health and well being. They can all get blocked from stress or illness and impact overall health.

What is energy care

Simply put…. You healing yourself and bringing your energy anatomy into greater balance and harmony! It is also creating a “nutritional plan” for your energy anatomy to awaken the energies that bring you joy, resilience, enthusiasm, vitality and a greater sense of life purpose in mind, body and spirit. There are zillions of things you can do to take care of your chakras, auras and energy pathways.  

Bottom line….If your energy is healthy, you will be healthy. You can do much to support and take care of your own energy balances. Your physical body is energy too – it is the most dense, slowest vibration in your energy anatomy as it is designed to keep us grounded and here on earth.  But taking care of it is just as important so I will include tips for caring for your DNA/Genes, mitochondria, and your ATP (energy where spirit lives).  

Newsletter Topics

You are affected by energy everywhere, even outside your physical body.  It is in your home, your car, your work space and every place you visit, so I will cover tips for things like: 

  • Your energy anatomy

  • Your physical anatomy - mind, body, emotions

  • Tips to respond to life instead of reacting to it

  • Letting go of energies that don’t serve you (judgment, unforgiveness, regret, resentment, control, etc.)

  • Connecting with source energy 

  • How to stop taking on the energies of others

  • Energy supporting tools – deep breathing, crystals, sound healing, color therapy, essential oils

  • Taking care of the energy in your space – home, vehicle, etc.

  • Taking care of the energy of your animals, nature/the planet and objects

  • Creating a sacred space and rituals for various purposes to raise your energy levels

  • Calming anxiety, pain, worry and stress

  • Taking care of your work and career energy

  • Caring for the energy of your relationships

  • Foods and beverages to avoid to take care of your physical and energetic bodies

  • Cultivating flourishing emotions – love, joy, fun, play, wonder and awe

  • Treating yourself as absolutely sacred

  • Getting your “creation vibes” going – working with intention, focus, belief/faith, the power of rituals

  • Being responsible for your own energy joys, messes, and creations

  • Working with the energy of your presence and being the “light of the world” whatever your craft may be

  • Developing high energy habits

  • Using high vibration words

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