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About Mary Annette

Mary Annette Brackin is a Certified Theta Healing Practitioner, Energy Healer, Student Member of the Healing Trust, Certified Executive, Group and Life Coach, MBA, and Energy Healing Mastermind Leader. She is Certified in Multiple Personality and Behavioral Assessments as a Leadership Development Consultant and is a Member of the Leadership Council for the Center for Spiritual Living St. Louis.

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About A life that Works for You

Mary Annette did not have a life that worked for her physically, spiritually or financially for many years even after studying and practicing all the usual “suspects” for improving her life including the law of attraction, mind movies, vision boards, emotional freedom technique, image cycling, and much more. Until she found Theta Healing nothing seemed to work.   What she understands now is that beliefs exist at multiple levels and have to be cleared from all of them, vows or oaths (like poverty) that were taken in previous lives have to be cleared, soul fragments have to be returned to experience complete wholeness, ancestor work often has to be done to free the client and one’s overall energetic vibration has to remain high to attract and live a life that works. She learned to do these healings through Theta Healing and her work with the Healing Trust. After much success through energy healing she renamed her company A Life that Works for You.

My Story

Mary Annette has over 20 years of experience as a coach and three years’ experience as an energy healer.  She has worked with hundreds of clients helping them to change their beliefs and release and shift things like illness, childhood sex abuse, alcoholism, anxiety, ADHD, genetic defects, pain, arthritis, herniated discs, and cancer. She has also cleared homes, land and objects (like furniture, crystals, appliances, jewelry and more) of negative energies. She downloads homes and sacred spaces with feelings of love, companionship and a host of other emotions that clients want to experience in their surroundings.  With the Creator of All That Is she has healed animals and learned how to help plants by asking them what they need (and yes, they do answer!)


She teaches clients that manifestation is not a technique; it is a lifestyle.  It doesn’t work to think happy thoughts and emotions while holding resentment and grudges, eating low-vibe foods, criticizing oneself and others, watching violent television and movies and living in fear. Techniques that focus on “do this and that will happen” are short-sighted in her opinion and do more damage than good because like her, the client leaves saying, “well that didn’t work” and “nothing works to help me.”


She uses what she calls the Creation Love Story method to help clients live life through the process of creation and understand more fully what it means to create your own reality.  It is a love story given to her by Creator that is bringing her back into alignment with her divine blueprint (what we are born with.)  Her passion is helping clients do the same!


I'm always looking to set my clients free from the burdens that hold them back from a life that works for them.


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