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When Two Souls Merge as One - Part Four

My Journey to Purpose in this lifetime

The journey to understand my life purpose in my current incarnation begins with a gathering of light beings, there just for me.  As they gathered, their job was to send me unconditional love, peace, and joy. We called forth my spirit guides, guardian angels, soul family, and the Council of Light.  These beings worked on my solar plexus during the session to heal digestive difficulties.  This light to that area is visible in the photo below; I laid down for this session by my desk with the intention that I would write in between journeys.  We ended up recording it instead.


We begin with “Creator of All That Is, tell me my purpose now.  Thank you. Here is what I got:

  • To be a healer.

  • To be a healer of nature. This was confirmed, when, a few weeks ago I brought my vision for my dream home in the mountains into a specific manifestation meditation.  Creator told me the house would vibrate at a rate that people would naturally come to me for healing (how amazing is that!).  S/He also said I would be known as the “plant lady.” It was also confirmed when earlier this year I asked Creator, “What is your dream for me?” I saw an image of myself out in nature surrounded by garden fairies!

  • To be a healer of broken souls.

    • This will mean shaman training as well as past life regression and hypnosis training in addition to my current modalities.

  • To be a truth bearer and bring truth into the world.  What truth?

    • About the unseen; about the light and what it means for the light to be in the world.​​

      • To bring visibility to getting people to understand what makes the world really work; those universal principles and energy.

      • The truth is we are a spiritual experience in a human body; I can be a voice for that spiritual experience.

      • I can be the voice to what is REALLY REAL. It is the spiritual world that is the truth; the physical world is the illusion.

      • To express the Divine.  Humans are expressions of the Divine and the Divine is not expressing as much as it could or would like to because of human endeavors…. More creation wants to happen in humanity, so wake people up to how things work; get them into their heart and out of their logical mind. 

      • There is more for me to do in this life.

Questions I asked during this time:

I asked, "what does it mean to help the masses (something I heard before and never understood)?"

  • To bring a visibility to the new kind of magic that I am absorbing now; more visibility to the invisible spirit world – to be a face and a voice – to be a bold messenger.

We asked Creator, “what I have learned so far in my current lifetime?”

  • I know a lot about the truth even though I haven’t always been able to get it to work for me.

  • I know a lot more than I think I know.

I asked, “how can I fix the gap between knowing the truth and getting it to work for me?”     

  • Focus more on working with energy and less on the other things

  • Be open to a bigger voice

  • Be the mouthpiece of that bigger voice

  • Be a vehicle of the truth to get expressed in the world in new ways

  • Demonstrate the magic and helping others find the magic in their own lives

At this point Karen asked for a special gift from my angels/guides to come forward now.

  • I was given the gifts of clarity and discernment.

Continue to part five to learn more about my discovery of my abilities to converse with nature.

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