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Discovering your magic is a process to understand who you are and develop your strengths to exhibit the behaviors and qualities needed for success.


Insight into strengths is easy; how others interpret them is the journey.


Let me help you discover your strengths so you are using them in the right balance, with the right people, at the right time.

Explore the leadership assessments below to understand what drives your decision making, behavior and ability to inspire others.   Click each magic curtain below to explore each one.

Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator

Discover how you express your Magician, as well as the other archetypes, in your leadership.

Hogan Assessments Suite

Discover your personality strengths, derailers (which make you very interesting!), and values that drive your decisions and behaviors.

Leadership Agility

Discover your level of agility to lead effectively amid conditions of rapid change and complexity.

Leadership Versatility Index

Discover your versatility between strategic and operational, and empowering and forceful (step up & take charge) dimensions.

Watson-Glaser II Critical

Thinking Appraisal

Identify your level of critical thinking, judgment and decision making, and get suggestions on how to improve it.

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