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Gain Insights Into Your Superpowers

Understand how to use Your Superpowers in Every Setting

Live Life as Your Best Self Every Day 

Would you like to:

  • Be more agile in your thinking about your challenges?

  • Easily shift from one mindset to another when you need to?

  • Increase your perceptiveness of others, and “read between the lines” to uncover others’ true feelings?

  • Zoom out (to the balcony view) of a situation to assess it from a broader perspective, and zoom back in on important details to act quickly and decisively?

  • Get comfortable taking risks and running experiments in uncertainty?

  • Hold two or more differing, or even opposing, opinions at one time, entertaining what each perspective feels like with deep empathy to guide a solution mutually satisfying to everyone? 

  • Provide direction at both the strategic and operational levels of the business? Develop the versatility to work well in both arenas?

  • Empower others while simultaneously holding them accountable?  

  • Know when to take charge of a situation and when to let others take charge?

  • Your superpowers are your everyday strengths you use to get things done and relate to others. Most of the time, they serve you well.  At other times, you get an unexpected reaction from someone or a situation and what you are really good at didn't serve you well.  This is likely because you were unaware of overusing or underusing your strengths and how to balance them situationally.

  • Develop the self-awareness  you need to understand the impact of your magician leadership on others, and learn to "dial up" or "dial down" one of your superpowers. The assessments below can be taken individually, or you can take them all over the course of a year. In this case, a year is recommended due to the volume of data received and the need for a phased approach to integration and development. Call or email Annette at 314-485-9740 or for pricing. 

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The assessments on this page develop these magician superpowers:

  • The mindset to make sense out of chaos and complexity to find a direction so others can act.

  • The ability to invent the future instead of being surprised by it when it arrives.

  • The skill to create sacred spaces for a wider array of stakeholders to shape new directions.

  • The ability to drive results through universal laws such as attraction, flow, synchronicity, and intention.

  • The adaptability to address complex problems not solved by expertise or best practices.

  • The confidence to confront unpredictable situations and still make good decisions.

  • The framing and strategic thinking skills to lead others to action by constructing reality around uncertain business conditions.

  • The ability to coach others to discover and call upon their own inner magicians.

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Leadership Agility Assessment

Leadership agility is the ability to take wise and effective action amid complex, rapidly changing conditions. It is not a single competency, but rather a “vital capacity” that you channel into everything you do as a leader. As you develop new levels of agility, you become more far-sighted, more effective at collaborating, more creative, and more proficient in learning from you experience.

Pearson Marr Archetype Indicator

Gives insight into the archetypes that are active in your life. It shows how you use your inner magician and other archetypes to complement it or minimize it. This is a scientifically validated tool to show you how you can make the difference in the world that only you can make.  Gives insight into what motivates you, energizes you and how to better interpret patterns of communication with others to increase personal and shared understanding.



Personality Assessments

Hogan Assessments give insight into:

  • How your everyday strengths and weaknesses impact your work and how you relate to others when you are “at your best.”

  • Your personal goals, interests and drivers that determine what you are striving to achieve.

  • How you use, overuse and or underuse your superpowers and the impact on others.  

  • Your reasoning style, meaning the ability to evaluate information, make decisions, solve problems, and avoid repeating past mistakes.

Leadership Versatility Index

The LVI measures your versatility across two complementary pairs of leadership dimensions:


  • Strategic & Operational  (What you Lead)

  • Forceful & Enabling  (How you Lead)

Each pair is a combination of opposites. To be good at both sides of oppositions or dualities like these is to be versatile. Many leaders, however, are better at one side than the other. They are lopsided. Your scores on this instrument will give you a reading on the extent to which you are versatile or lopsided across all four dimensions, and suggestions for development.


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