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Meet Tom Pesce

Magical Leader in Action


Listen to my podcast interview with Tom Pesce, professional educator, leadership developer and magician, practicing magical leadership every day.  He shares what leaders can learn from the art of magic.

Tom Pesce - Professional Educator, Leadership Developer and Magician
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Tom Pesce is one of today’s most sought after corporate event and motivational magicians!  Combining his unique brand of fast-paced, high-octane magic with his genuine ability to connect deeply with his audiences, Tom has created a performance-style that will leave your clients and guests talking about him for years to come.  More importantly, he will transform an ordinary room of strangers into an awe-inspired group of believers, complete with a powerful and positive message!

Tom's ability to consistently create new, jaw-dropping and hilarious illusions has defined him as one of magic's most creative innovators.  From his highly visual and entertaining stage act to his famous pop-music mash-up routines involving audience members both young and old alike, Tom's live events and speaking engagements are unlike anything you've ever seen.

In his live performances you witness him animate objects and send them flying above spectators' heads, turn a fish tank of water into fluttering live birds, reveal predictions about audience members that no one else could possibly know, and that's just to name a few of his incredible effects. Whether he’s engaging with an audience on stage, dazzling guests at a private party, or helping your employees achieve maximum personal & professional results, Tom Pesce will create an experience that is totally unique to your needs and absolutely unforgettable. Combining cutting-edge technology with performance, humor, psychology, choreography, and pure sleight of hand skill, Tom captivates the imagination with what is truly possible.

Tom is a highly skilled corporate and stage entertainer with over 20 years experience as a performer and professional educator.  He has earned multiple graduate degrees in education, literacy, and administrative leadership studies.  Tom is professionally certified in each of these areas and brings with him over a decade of best teaching/coaching practices and learning strategies.  When not performing or coaching, Tom spends as much time as possible with his wife, Becky, and their three girls at their home in Ridgefield, CT.  Visit Tom Pesce Magic on Facebook to learn more about how Tom is changing the way we experience leadership and magic, today!

Contact Information:

Facebook: Tom Pesce Magic

Instagram: TomPesceMagic



For Corporate Bookings:


Booking contact: Bill Herz


Phone: 203-698-2460

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