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Magical Meetings:  A Sacred Space

What is a Magical meeting?


A sacred place, distinguished from other spaces, where people perform specific tasks to accomplish or experience something out of the ordinary.  It is a space to focus on what matters most at that moment, and for people to discover what is new, possible and different than what they experienced before they walked into that space.  It is a place to make meaning out of things that may or may not make sense.  It is the space that brings the best possibility for you to surface the wisdom, expertise, aspirations and commitments of your team.


What if every one of your meetings were sacred spaces?  What if they went beyond agendas, meeting minutes and calls to action?  All of those matter, but they are insufficient to fully engage a team in what you need to accomplish in a short amount of time.  What if your meetings produced healing? A sense of hope, optimism, and resilience?  Unprecedented results? 

I help you turn your meetings into magic through a six-step process that creates a sacred space for you to achieve results, while building capacity in your team members to transfer what they learn from this sacred space into their every day behaviors and tasks.

Discover and Get Visual

Use engaging and visual tools to explore the topic at hand and discover what is possible

Open the Meeting

Blend and connect with others and set the stage for whole-body listening​

Invite Others to Engage

Engage your team before they arrive at the meeting

Dream and Engage

Use collaborative tools and methods for everyone to participate

Design the Future

Create action items that invent the future, not leave it the same

Close the Meeting

Clarify next steps and reflect on how meeting results will be built into everyday behaviors and practices

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