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About US

Journey to Results is a lifest their organizations.

Journey to Results helps leaders become “shapeshifters” to “shape the shifts” in their organizations by engaging with the organization as a transformer, healer, connector and sensemaker.  These are the 21st century skills required to contend with complexity and chaos in the organization, and the environmental and economic challenges that their communities demand they address like sustainability, environmental responsibility, and diversity and inclusion.


Mary Annette helps leaders deeply expand their ability to connect with people inside and outside the organization to promote systemic change that meets the needs of a much wider array of stakeholders. We help leaders create new meanings of situations and events to help their teams interpret worldwide events through the lens of innovation, change and possibility rather than fear or dread. 


Mary Annette Brackin believes that the signature of an effective leader is his or ability to rise to the challenge of volatile, complex and ambiguous conditions and to build more adaptive organizations by leveraging the principles of emergence, flow, synchronicity and intention. She instills in her clients the confidence to lead through complexity by leveraging and experimenting with conventional and unconventional ideas and methods.


She is an executive coach and facilitator who helps leaders at all levels unpack complex challenges and human dynamics to create organizations that move beyond survival to flourish and thrive through complex conditions.  Her experience, skill and knowledge in systems thinking, complexity, enterprise dynamics and more have consistently helped leaders produce deep change in themselves, their teams and their organizations.


She has coached leaders in the banking, telecommunications, healthcare, aerospace, financial services and consumer products industries. She is a certified group coach, somatic coach, ACE-certified coach, and member of the invitation-only virtuoso coaching group where she practices and learns with and as “the best of the best.” 

Her Magic Effects


She Offers Ideas as Your Chief Ideator, in these areas:

  • Leading through Complexity

  • Magical Leadership

  • Predictive Leadership Assessments

  • Executive coaching & development

  • Leadership development programs

  • Talent management strategies

  • High Energy Organizations 

  • Succession management

  • High-potential development

  • Team development

  • Leaders Teaching Leaders programs

  • Leadership transitions

  • Training design/facilitation


She Speaks to Your Heart as Your Chief Uplifter, in These Topics and More:

  • Leader as Connector, Healer, Sensemaker and Wayshower

  • Seeing Around Corners

  • Seeing Around Corners for Sales Leaders

  • Hope, Optimism, Resilience and Confidence: The Next Big Competitive Advantage 

  • Is Your Personality in the Way of Your Leadership?
  • Leading with the Brain in Mind

She Sparks Your Best as Your "Magical Coach," to help you:

  • Heal your organization while leading it.

  • Examine hidden biases that hinder seeing new possibilities. 

  • Develop approaches to account for unpredictability and unexpected behaviors across people and systems.

  • Create new directions to address wicked problems.

  • Frame the future and complex conditions so others can act quickly to achieve goals.

  • Discern patterns and events underlying the surface of problems to detect new approaches. 

  • Invent the future rather than accept the “default” that occurs without focused intent.

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