Turning chaos into order in business is deceptively simple, like cutting through a wormhole.  

It takes Leadership Magic to see what is coming next and turn complex
challenges into new directions and opportunities.  
If your coach isn't doing that for you, get a new coach.
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There is more complexity and more gaps in business today than ever, necessitating a mindset shift to effectively adapt and lead.  Watch while Annette discusses how leaders must take new approaches to complex challenges to be successful with Microsoft Sales Leader Carson V. Heady for a special discussion.

"And chaos is always the

result of inadequate accessing of the Magician in some vital area of life."

- Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, King, Warrior, Magician, Lover

While there is no formula for solving complex projects, part of your Leadership Magic is to advance the direction of problems when solutions aren't found. This magic lets you :

              Address the problem

  • Distinguish complex problems from others  

  • Observe patterns and events to see how a problem behaves

  • Create a map of the problem to make sense out of it

  • Frame a chaotic problem so others can understand it and take action 

               Seek radically different ideas

  • Design liberating meetings to explore the problem and design experiments

  • Invite diverse & opposing points of view, and guide them to shared agreements

  • Learn how to listen to learn, rather than inform 

               Design experiments

  • Run safe-to-fail experiments that shift the nature or direction of the pro