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Looking to change beliefs that don't serve you well INSTANTANEOUSLY?

Do You Have a Life that Works for You?

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What You'll Get:

An introduction to energy healing with Mary Annette

An introduction to A Life that Works for You

An introduction to my Creation Love Story Method and how it can help you

What We Do Together:


Design Your Future

Through the metaphor of the playground, we create a new context from which to live your life.  You decide what is in your playground and I help you “play” at achieving that instead of “work” to achieve that. Playing to manifest your dreams is a different energy than working to manifest your dreams.


Transform Your Past

Many aspects of our past are amazing. Other aspects limit us and become the '“lens” through which we see what is possible for us. But what is possible is much more because the future hasn’t happened yet. Clearing limitations is necessary to CREATE our future rather than live it by default.

Give You a Life That Works for You

Living a life that works for you is built on how you let go of the past and learn to live life from your future self and your playground as the context for your daily life.  With me you learn the principles and growth strategies to achieve everything in your playground and play in the process of getting there!  The result:  A Life that Works for You.

How I Help

My proprietary creation love story method teaches you how to flourish, create your own reality, live your sacred self, be pure love, connect to everything around you (necessary for manifestation), be responsible for your creations and be the light of the world in your own unique way.

Most important of all, I teach you how creating your reality is the love story of a lifetime.

PDF Coming Soon!

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They Trust Me

Randy W.

When I worked with Mary Annette I was in severe herniated disk pain and at the end of the sessions I was able to sit and stand comfortably.  The next day i forgot it I felt so good.  With her I also manifested $700 unexpectedly.  After working with her I feel uplifted and fantastic!

Steven M.

I never felt so good in a long time working with Mary Annette.  I am amazed at how powerful this is.  I can stand up straight without hunches.  The energy in my body feels better.

Katie M.

I lost weight and got 2 new clients after the first session with Mary Annette.  I am still using the affirmations she gave me to improve my life!

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