Leading through Complexity to Create an Inspired Organization.... Now Thats Leadership Magic! 

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Leadership Magic is the art of releasing the highest potential even in complex situations. It is working with the most positive energy to create the best outcomes for all, and transforming chaos into order so others can act in the unknown.

Why Leadership Magic?


Magic is a metaphor for altering reality

As a leader in an ever-growing chaotic world, people look to you to make sense out of chaos and unpredictability so they can decide how they are going to deal with it. Your work as a leader is to facilitate the way people interpret situations and events and choose their response.  

When you influence perceptions, you influence others' experiences and more powerfully influence your outcomes.


What Magical Leaders Do

  • Use maps to make sense out of chaos and complexity to find a direction so others can act.

  • Create sacred spaces for transformation, innovation and  change.

  • Like magicians, "rehearse," and test their solutions to learn and adjust their strategy to match complex conditions.

  • Easily convince others of possibility in the face of impossibility.

  • Model the need to spend more time learning in public than in private.

  • Use leading-edge methods to gather multiple diverse and conflicting opinions to develop new approaches.

  • Confront unpredictable situations and still make good decisions.

  • Use adaptable approaches to chaotic problems not solved by expertise or best practices.

The Magical Leader's Core Skills


  • Framing and re-framing complex situations for others

  • Mapping the unknown

  • Making good decisions in complexity

  • Thinking systemically

  • Creating order out of chaos

  • Seeing the forest and the trees




  • Using stories and metaphors

  • Inventing a compelling future

  • Generating a strong purpose 

  • Being a teaching leader to show others how to win in the business and with people

Creating the Conditions for Action 

  • Managing individual and organizational moods

  • Promoting psychological safety

  • Activating team and organizational energy

  • Coordinating action to inspire self-accountability

Learning in Public 

  • Conducting meetings to learn instead of inform

  • Managing opposing viewpoints

  • Gaining the ideas of dozens of people at a time

  • Building the rare quality of curiosity

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