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Developing Talent

From Human Being to Human Becoming

As a talent champion of the future, your role should be shifting from evaluator to coach and connector.

The standards of how potential is defined are changing, and so must the standards for how that potential is managed. According to the Institute for the Future, real potential is not a test score or a batting average. It’s who you’re becoming and what is possible in an uncertain future for yourself and for everyone else.  

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People ​are not fixed works of art; they are beautiful works in progress. Your talent is in an ongoing process of learning, changing, and becoming.

You have the power and potential as a leader to help them become conscious designers of themselves, their futures and their careers with you.


Six Key Skills of the 21st century help you do that:

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  • As an insights generator, you will help your talent grow more because they conclude the need for themselves, and less because of one-way feedback.

  • As a career coach, you will help them define their careers to match the changing environment, and focus on what is needed in uncertainty. 

  • As a performance influencer, you will inspire performance rather than evaluate it as an annual process.

  • As a connector, you will connect people to key developmental relationships and resources to become even more.

  • As a pipeline builder, you will build a succession plan that incorporates "becoming" into traditional definitions of potential, performance and readiness.

  • As an experience orchestrator, you will coordinate the best projects that grow talent through experience.  You will also craft the daily micro-experiences they need to flourish.

A Comprehensive Approach to Developing Talent Ready for Any Challenge

Unlimited Coaching

3-Month, Time-Limited

Tools, Checklists and Articles

To build leading-edge talent development skills

One 2-Hour

Peer Coaching Meeting

To help your team develop skills to coach and develop each other

"Mindset of a Talent Champion" Chart

To keep evolving your thinking about development

Talent Champion competency chart and checklist

To develop Talent Champion Competencies

Experience-based development


To grow others through their experiences, job assignments and projects


Make a

Sure Bet


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