I am getting questions now from folks to provide additional detail about who magical leaders are and what they do. I am pleased to provide the following resources:

1. Here is what I call the profile of a magical leader on the website, describing the magician archetype and what that means more fully.

2. Here is the Magical Leader's Manifesto.

2. Here is a FREE business profile you can download and use to begin developing your magical leadership today. You will find:

Key Actions – these are the actions you take as a magical leader and what we expect to see from them.

Leadership Impact – this is a description of the strengths and derailers of magical leaders and provides a focus for developing their personality.

Essential Experience to be Successful – this section describes some projects to take on to develop magical leadership, the kinds of roles to seek out for support, and some challenges you should expect to overcome to fit the profile.

Competencies Required for Success – when you work with Journey to Results, this is a starting point for capabilities to work on to develop magical leadership. These are the competencies that will help you take the key actions.

Critical Knowledge – this is what you need to be successful in your organization and for now is left blank. When I work with you, I help you complete this or you can complete it on your own.

Leadership Imperatives and Results – your development is always occurring in the context of what you do and should revolve around your key goals and expected results. Once you complete this section, and the critical knowledge section, you will have what you need to form your development plan for becoming that magical leader in your organization.

As always, for more insights into developing your magical leadership, let me know if you have questions at or join the magical leadership community here.

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