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Creating a Sacred Space for Others to Flourish

Bringing the best out in others calls for methods that are creative. Innovative. Liberating. Unleashed. Particularly since you don't, nor can you ever have, all the "answers" in today's turbulent business environment.

As a leader, you are not responsible for making all the magic your organization needs yourself. You are responsible, however, to create the space for others' magic to happen.

You need liberating methods to create that space.

What does it mean to create the space?

The space people occupy at work has everything to do with their creativity, openness, authenticity and ability to focus on the next task. Physical space matters, but the skill of holding a space for creativity is less about the physical space and more about the environment and culture that surrounds it.

Good leaders create the space for people to:

  • Contribute without judgment or criticism

  • Explore and discover new ideas

  • "Empty" what is on their minds to become fully present to a new opportunity to create

  • Engage in the level of fun that spurs innovative ideas

  • Freely express multiple, diverse ideas

  • Learn and make mistakes without retribution

This means you, as a leader, have to:

  • Get fully present

  • Ground and center yourself for your own integrity and authenticity

  • Set liberating boundaries that allow the work to get done without stifling creativity

  • Develop the facilitation skills to lead a variety of alternative meetings

  • Manage diverse ideas to narrow and select the best ones for action as a group

  • Replace judgment and criticism with openness and inclusion

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