….but your effectiveness as a leader has got to improve.

40 years of research has proven across the globe that leaders learn best on the job, while making decisions, taking risks (or not), dealing with all types of people and personalities, and experiencing hardship and loss in addition to satisfaction and wins. The bottom line is, you are learning or failing to learn every day, and capturing or missing the application of lessons learned to the next big task.

The best lessons on your leadership journey come from your daily tasks, experiences and people challenges and support. Research now shows us how to capture that learning so that as a leader, you get the benefits of those experiences, such as new abilities to:

  • Modify your thinking and your actions on the fly, based on what you learn in the moment

  • Frame the way you see complex, ambiguous and volatile business conditions, make decisions and help others expand their thinking and world views about the environment

  • Build resiliency in facing adverse situations

  • Grow your emotional intelligence, working with both agreeable and difficult stakeholders

  • Expand your awareness of your moods, language habits, thought patterns and emotions to better respond to interpersonal challenges

What you can learn in the course of week full of diverse challenges would take weeks of training or education, and that education may or may not produce the fundamental foundation of leadership learning: experience.

Have you ever taken a class only to return to the job and nothing changed? Not because you didn’t mean well but because the culture didn’t support change, your manager didn’t help you apply the learning, you hit one barrier after another, or the change process was too cumbersome for you and your schedule.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

This doesn’t mean that training classes and education don’t produce learning and development, but because those forums are not individualized, no one takes away 100% of the intended learning anyway.

Training has a place, but statistically, only 10% of all learning that executives acquire comes from coursework. For them, 70% comes from challenging assignments, and 20% comes from other people. It’s not a hard and fast rule we can apply to all levels of leaders or all professions, but the gem in this mix is the notion that experience produces learning, and when that learning is structured and formalized, leader development skyrockets and so does leader effectiveness, and results.

Isn’t that what you are held accountable for every day? Getting results?

Put your mind at rest and let me help you turn every day work tasks into the kind of development opportunities that build your skills, your competence and your confidence to make the next bold move. Journey to Results helps leaders build development plans that are weaved around the work, not just the latest training, online or classroom.

Get started improving your effectiveness today! Future posts will deal more specifically with how to use your daily experiences as your magical playground of learning.

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