Leaders need to express their leadership magic to get results, but may not see themselves as possessing magical capabilities, or knowing what skills create a magical environment. This is natural. For example, if you are really caring about others, you will naturally assume everyone else is caring. If you execute strategy well, you may assume everyone does that well too. As a result, you may conclude that your talents don’t differentiate you and you have to work hard to develop an aspect of your magic when all you may have to do is to realize it and use it.

The solution?

  • An approach to discover your magical qualities

  • A pathway to develop your magical leadership. Every leader has their own brand of magic to bring to the table.

  • Tools and processes to bring out the magic in your team and your organization

  • A strategy and culture where breakthroughs to success are the rule, not the exception

  • A boundaryless network of allies and companions to achieve what matters most

Magical leadership is expressed in who you are as a leader and what you do as a leader. It is a way of being and a process of how others experience you. This blog will focus on both.

How Does Magical Leadership Work?

Your fundamental work as a leader is to transform the thinking and consciousness of your organization so that it continuously adapts to complexity, volatility, and ambiguity in the business environment.

It is also to turn human beings into human becomings; leveraging the power of the human ability to change every day and through every situation. Human beings are static, but human becomings are dynamic. Becoming implies ongoing, futuristic, pliable, developable. Your key work is to develop people, teams, and the organization into becoming their highest potential to so your business objectives are met.

You do this by:

  1. Harnessing your strengths and taming your derailers (fun as they are…), to maximize your impact on others, and using everyday experiences to develop your abilities.

  2. Connecting your organization’s soul purpose with your teams’ soul purpose to drive engagement and satisfaction.

  3. Developing a strong pipeline of talent, with the view of the world, and broader perspective needed to lead your industry.

  4. Bringing out the magic in others through magical methods such as open space, future search, liberating structures, appreciative inquiry, solution-focused questioning, etc.…

  5. Leading your magical organization with a new focus on finding that blue ocean strategy and using human-centered design to bring new products and services to market.

  6. Building a deliberately developmental culture, where strengths and weaknesses and quirks are supported and developed into the fuel that drives innovation.

  7. Developing powerful alliances with your allies and companions: your strategic networks, your key stakeholders, and the energizers you attract and develop to keep a high energy culture alive.

Future posts will dive into how these actions support developing your magical approach and offer the wands (tools) you need to bring out your organization’s magic.

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