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Profile of the Magician Leader

  • Purpose - make dreams come true

  • Mantra - if you can dream it you can do it

  • Gift - finding win-win solutions, inspiring others into the "zone"

  • Strategy - develop a vision and invent new methods to achieve it

  • Impact - create novel, magical moments for others

  • Shadow side - manipulate others

  • Fears - unintended consequences, inventions won't work as planned

The magician is one of many archetypes present in our collective unconscious and available for service to us and expression to others.  It is associated with transformation, mystery, alchemy, metamorphosis and leaving others feeling amazed.  Its shadow side is using its magic to deceive and manipulate others in the way it alters perception of reality (the downside of corporate politics perhaps), but overall magician leaders have an innate relationship with potentiality and possibility, and attempt to alter perceptions for the good of others and achieving results.

Magician leaders are strategic and visionary thinkers, intuitive and creators of the kind of sacred space that unleashes, rather than controls, ideas, talents and contributions of others.  All of these capabilities can be developed and strengthened.  Variants of the magician are alchemists, healers, and wizards.  They are often scientists, inventors, engineers, coaches, psychologists, spiritualists or innovators because of their foundational curiosity with how things work and a strong desire to bring their knowledge to others.  

​They use their imagination to evoke change, win-win solutions and inspiration in others. Their cleverness helps them envision new possibilities and invent the means to manifest them in situations where others would simply not imagine.  Magicians derive great satisfaction when theirs or others’ dreams come true.  They believe that everyone is connected to everyone else and live their lives by their beliefs in synchronicity (when situations or events occur simultaneously with no apparent connection) and serendipity (making fortuitous discoveries by accident). 

The really good news and why we need our leaders to bring out their magicians:

The social chaos we see in the world today is the Magician’s playground, and from it they motivate and inspire others to evoke change, transforming the consciousness of the world by raising it to new levels.  It is like sounding a bugle horn – they call others to a new level of contribution, innovation, social change and transformation by leading it, modeling it, expecting it and coaching others to it. ​

Magician leaders are constant learners, growing their knowledge through books, teachers and formal education. They keep up with the latest trends to prepare their organizations for the next big performance.

Build Your Magical Leadership Today

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