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Leverage Your Allies and Companions

Magical Leaders need allies and companions to run successful businesses, such as sidekicks, friends, partners, (or partners in crime!) mentors, guardian angels, etc...

These are people you trust; people you can turn to for wisdom when the chips are down, or people to do all the things you can’t do yourself.

Allies and companions are equipped with special skills and talents to support your journey to success, while others may appear to block your efforts or just be in the way.  These individuals are influenced by your choices; your actions may result in positive or negative perceptions of you and a willingness to join you in the future.  Often they can be "romanced" to join your visions, and sometimes they require a breakthrough to trust you and follow your vision.  You often have to achieve an affinity level to gain their trust, special skills, and other perks that they bring to the table.  They can drift in and out of your projects, purposes and goals.  


Leaders need three types of allies in their circle.  Hover over each photo to learn more.


Executives in the top 20% of their companies in business performance and wellbeing rely on eight strategic relationships in their network


Successful executives identify and engage key stakeholders with systematic processes


Successful executives attract people who uplift others, encourage others to explore possibilities, truly listen, respect diverse points of view and


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