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The Fuel that Drives Performance

Energy is the driver of both individual and collective productivity in a business. It is the one resource that is renewable and can be raised to match strategic demands.  Leaders can manage the energy of their organizations at three distinct levels:


  • Individual - helping individuals manage their personal energy levels

  • Organizational - managing the energy levels of the entire organization to match the needs of the moment

  • Interaction - helping everyone manage the energy of their conversations to co-create new results

Why does this matter? 

Energy is the mechanism to elevate emotional excitement towards a vision, engage brain power to innovate, and stimulate business readiness to meet business objectives. It is also a mechanism to eliminate organizational moods of resentment, cynicism, skepticism or a host of other unproductive energies that inhibit success when they occur.

A Comprehensive Approach to Leading a High-Energy Organization

Unlimited Coaching

3-Month, Time-Limited

Tools, Checklists and Articles

To raise the levels of energy at work

One 2-Hour

Shift-n-Share Meeting

To help your team enact energizing behaviors at all three levels

Energy Assessment Questionnaire

To assess the levels of individual, organizational and interaction energy at work

High-Energy Leader and High-Energy Organization

 Competency Charts

To build effectiveness in maintaining high personal and collective energy levels

Rituals Chart 

To keep your organization's energy high over time


Make a

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