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Lead Your Magical Organization: The Core Five

An organization's magic is a blend of its strategy, culture, processes, and talent, all wrapped up in the story it tells about itself, its journey and experiences, its people and its design.  I help leaders in all 5 areas enable their organizations to perform at their best.  






I help you:

Build a Blue Ocean Strategy

To make your competition irrelevant

Use Systems Thinking Tools

To address patterns, trends and connections that create problems or opportunities

Identify Your Organization's Archetypes

To understand the  motivations, strengths and collective consciousness of the business and the kind of business you are building.  Use this information to help it realize its potential and guide its development.

Use Human-Centered Design Thinking

To create new products and services

Create a Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO)

To build a culture of learning, character and personality development, and the integrity to grow through mistakes

Conduct Conversations

That drive:

  • Healthy relationships and culture

  • Mutual understanding

  • Productive action and workflow

  • New possibilites

  • Personal and organizational transformation

  • Expectations for conversational 


  • Breakdowns into breakthroughs

Solve Wicked Problems

...and Leverage Complexity

Embed Innovation Strategies

In your culture and leadership practices

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