Leading through Complexity with Your Leadership Magic

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Leadership Magic is the art of releasing the highest potential even in complex situations. It is working with the most positive energy to create the best outcomes for all, and transforming the way for others to act in the unknown.

Why Leadership Magic?

Release the Highest Potential in Any Situation
Be a Magical Leader

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Magical Leadership in Action

Listen to my podcast interview with Tom Pesce, professional educator, leadership developer and magician, practicing magical leadership every day.  He shares what leaders can learn from the art of magic.

Tom Pesce - Professional Educator, Leadership Developer and Magician
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Learn more about Tom and his magic here.


Magic is a metaphor for altering reality

As a leader in an ever-growing chaotic world, people look to you to make sense out of chaos and unpredictability so they can decide how they are going to deal with it. Your work as a leader is to facilitate the way people interpret situations and events and choose their response.  

When you influence perceptions, you influence others' experiences and more powerfully influence your outcomes.

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If the structure of an organization is to hold up over time, it must revolve around its soul, or magical, purpose.

I help you build your vision and strategy into the DNA of your company, lead the ambassadors of your choosing to take it forward, and create a culture where everyone says, “this is my utopia.” 


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