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Get Insight into Your Leadership Magic

Leveraging your own magic as a leader is a journey to:


  • Get familiar with the influence your magician side has today, as well as your other inner guides

  • Understand your uniqueness and your strengths

  • Learn how to tame your potential derailers (without taming what makes you so very interesting!)

  • Transform your capacity for effective action in a volatile business environment buffeted by accelerating change and mounting complexity.   This means being more agile as a leader and an organization

  • Develop your versatility between a strategic and operational orientation, so your business is excellent at both

  • Develop your versatility between forceful (stand up, take charge) and enabling (step back, empower) behaviors as a leader, to communicate clearly and empower others to develop their leadership

  • Use your everyday experiences as your developmental ground, and intentionally grow yourself through them

It is a journey to discover and develop your magic.

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