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You need to improve your effectiveness as a leader.

You think you don't have time.  You can't take time for training.

You don't have to.  Use your every day experiences as your development platform.

Introducing...The Leadership Experience Development Framework

Developing your leadership magic with Journey to Results means that you will learn:

  • The types of everyday experiences available to grow your skills

  • The characteristics of experiences that fuel growth

  • The experiences needed by leader level to progress your career

  • How to learn from experience

  • The role of goal orientation in developing yourself

  • The importance of reflection (the magical leader's alchemy)

  • How to learn in and through action

  • Roles to support learning

  • Learning centers to establish or seek out

  • What peer coaching can do for you

  • Eight critical relationships in every leader’s network

  • Development strategies to learn from experience

  • How to use experience to develop others

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