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Why Magical Coaching?

Your context has changed, and trying to apply leadership uniformly across contexts is a fruitless undertaking. Magical leaders master their contexts and adjust their approaches to them.

Context is your environment, what influences you and what is influenced by you as a leader.  It is always evolving. For example, you know that a high performing team needs a different approach from one that is not.  Your approach as a leader must shift based on that context. Your contexts across yourself, your team and organization, your network and the business environment all vary in degrees of simplicity, complexity, and/or chaotic conditions.


Magical leaders choose an approach to fit the context. 


Journey to Results broadens your “contextual mindset” and insights so you understand the boundaries of your skills and approaches, where they will and won’t work, and how to adapt them to match the situation. Our coaching packages are structured to address five leadership contexts, amidst the varying degrees of complexity they present:

  • Yourself - your mindset, style, choices, awareness, role

  • Your team -  their skills, needs, moods and emotions, performance, expectations

  • Your organization - culture, strategy, structure and environment

  • Your network - the influence of relationship norms, roles, power, hierarchy, pressures, and resources

  • Your business environment - economics, industry conditions, competition, demographics

This means that you aren’t being coached in a vacuum, just like you don’t work in a vacuum.


This comprehensive approach targets all five areas, so you expand your thinking and decision making. Flexibility is built into the specific tools and products offered, but generally include:

  • Unlimited coaching (3 month time limited) to support developing a new approach to a business challenge.

  • Articles to grow your personal knowledge, tailored to your business environment.

  • Tools and checklists to expand your thinking and try new things.

  • A 2-hour, coach-facilitated team meeting to help your team act on your key learnings and new directions.

  • If desired, a coach-facilitated meeting to engage senior leadership in hearing solutions and recommendations based on your key learnings.

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Magical leaders:

Magician leaders are good at cutting through complexity, finding win-win solutions and inventing new ways of delivering solutions and systems. Imagination is one of their greatest gifts, along with an ability to bridge the seen and unseen. They thrive on making the impossible possible. They are known for being visionaries and innovators. They:

  • Fit their approaches to their contexts (a culture change requires a different approach than fixing a software bug).  

  • Like magicians, continuously examine their assumptions about the way things work to invent what has not been invented.

  • Take the risks necessary to test new theories and ideas.

  • Develop approaches that account for unpredictability, emerging factors and unexpected behaviors across people and systems.

  • Practice making sense out of complex conditions to create a new direction when a solution is unavailable.

  • Frame and reframe reality so others interpret it in ways to take appropriate actions.

  • Build systems thinking skills to discern patterns and events underlying the surface of problems to detect a new approach.

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