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A New Chapter 


Who Are We

Hi everyone! I just updated my name on Facebook as I tackle it on my other sites. Professionally anyway, I am going by Mary Annette now and here is why. Read on if you are curious.

I am changing my name because I learned in the last year that I had a dream as a 3-year old girl. This is something God revealed to me because I didn’t remember it and I couldn’t possibly have made it up. It is dream that is now taking my life and career in new directions.

In this dream I saw myself as an adult and the image I saw was an angel. She was surrounded by golden light and wearing what looked like a long blue dress. I knew at the age of 3 that was me, and my mission was going to be a light bearer, or truth bearer into the world. I knew I was going to have powerful messages to bring to the world. There is no doubt about what I saw then and what I know now. Yes at the age of 3 I knew the term light bearer.

When I went to kindergarten for the first time, the teacher called the class up to the front of the room to share what they wanted to be when they grew up. When it was my turn, she called me by my first name, which is Mary, and that is what would have been on my records. I spoke of this dream and announced I would be a light bearer. The teacher scolded me, slapped my hands, and told me never to say anything like that again. And I didn’t until now.

As a child I was quite traumatized by her reaction, and took it to mean that I had just done something wrong in telling the truth. In that moment it was important for me to stop being Mary in my own mind. God showed me the completely stricken look on my face at that moment. My family called me Nettie early on, but God showed me I still related to Mary in a special way. Because of the way my little brain processed that event, I never responded to Mary again, and the school never knew why. I called myself Annette, and knew myself from then on and until now as Annette, or Nettie until I decided to be called Annette. I was so traumatized that God allowed a second soul to enter my consciousness for support and that is what enabled me to dissociate from Mary and live life as Annette. This is one thing that happens when people live from multiple personalities.

The last year has been a discovery, and an unraveling of what it means to live with two sets of identities, interests, life plans and understand things that haven’t made sense to me all my life like difficulty in making career choices because of a lack of clarity in which direction to head. I never understood why every job I went into being me, telling the truth, trying to clean up corporate greed and heartlessness got me in trouble or punished in some way. I never understood why, when I prayed with people, they kept asking me if I considered being a minister. (In spiritual terms, I have the gift of encouragement.) As Annette, of course I didn't. I didn’t understand that my role in life is to bring light into the darkness, and to heal the pattern of being punished for truth telling that began when I was punished as a 5-year old at school.

I don’t know why God decided to reveal all this now, but I am aware that God decided it is time for me to understand these things so I can go forward as the light bearer I was born to be. Some of you won’t believe all this and that is ok. About two weeks ago, in meditation, I watched as God worked with me and saw the second soul, who I knew as Annette, leave my body while Mary, the soul I was born with, integrated more fully. I experienced all kinds of warm, tingling sensations as this happened. I experienced God working on my organs and energy centers to bring my whole being into alignment with Mary. It was extraordinary!

I am now calling myself Mary Annette to honor the truth of both my original mission and the life I lived for many years (well, it is on my birth certificate too LOL.) It is also to pave the way for people all over the planet who are having such awakening experiences and don’t understand them. My version is only one version of how God is waking us all up to the truth of who we are, and I am being prepared and positioned to help others in new and exciting ways.

In this moment I feel a great deal of trepidation even telling this story, unsure of how family and friends will react. One thing I know, is that without living into my mission now to tell the truth as it is given to me, I will never be completely whole. My version of faith will vary from some of you, and it is my hope that we can still stay connected.

My husband knows the full story even if there are parts he doesn’t believe or is unsure about. God has healed me in many miraculous ways, and I am finally at peace, no longer living with uncertainty, a lack of direction for my life, confusion as to who I am, or lacking understanding as to why I always felt my life was off and I was abnormal in some unexplained way.

What does this mean?

I am keeping my coaching practice and expanding it to include energy healing through a variety of modalities to bring people to their own levels of wholeness. I am shifting away from a focus on leadership development, which I loved, but was not what I was born to do.

My core modality is theta healing, a method that works with God directly and I am just a channel for the work God wants to do. Through me God has healed people, animals and nature, and even brought an alcoholic to an instant point of change where he is sober now for more than 30 days. His shift to be able to make that change happened in one session. Theta healing is not religious or religion specific, and the only requirement to experience it is to believe in at least a universal life force. If you don’t at least believe in that, it can’t help you!

God wants this wholeness for everyone and to be in relationship with everyone and will use whatever path is in the person’s highest and best interest to get the person to Her (it is ok if you believe God is male. God is an essence and energy that loves, accepts, and works with all genders and meets people where they are, even when it goes against manmade religions and belief systems. God doesn’t want you hung up on gender either, S/He just wants to be in relationship with you.)

Anyone who wants to continue to call me Annette is welcome to. My God given guidance to go forward in my new healing career is to use MA Brackin as my professional name. You can imagine the shift that has occurred, and I look forward to helping people heal their minds, bodies, finances, career and spirit through my work.

I want to be very clear here that what happens in this work is that it is God bringing the energy, the healing and the wholeness. I am a channel that holds the space and brings the client to the meeting! It is truly a remarkable thing to be a part of.

You are welcome to let me know if you have questions or if you would like to experience theta healing for yourself. This is my truth.....

If you would like to experience Theta Healing for yourself, use this form to get in touch!

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