Here is What Magical Leadership is all About

To sum it up, magical leaders evoke feelings of amazement from others.  Have you ever wondered how to do that?


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Have you ever wondered:

  • How can I develop people to continuously drive and sustain growth?

  • How can I encourage people to develop themselves, expand their potential and performance, and keep challenging themselves to take on new assignments?

  • What does it take to help others overcome their own internal beliefs and barriers to success?

  • How can I create a culture where my teams live "in the zone," that bears fruit in innovation, creativity and breakthroughs?

  • How can I attract and retain more energizers and fewer de-energizers?

  • How can I build impromptu teams from across boundaries and functions when I need them to meet today's challenges collectively?

  • How can I help people build resilience?

If you have ever asked these questions, you are in the right place! 

Magical leaders create the space and climate where people flourish, live up to their highest potential, and make things happen.  


The Magical Leader's Manifesto

Eight Essential Actions to be a Magical Leader

Releasing the Highest Potential in Any Situation

As a magical leader, I:

  • Invent new futures rather than accept the defaults, and regularly engage others in conversations for NEW possibilities

  • Align my organization's and team member's soul purposes

  • Foster magical moments for others

  • Use magical methods and meetings to harness others' tapped and untapped strengths

  • Connect people to their own paths and powers

  • Unlock the magical minds of others

  • Champion others' careers so they flourish

  • Teach others to be their own magicians in their own lives, and express that at work


Proven Tips to live the Magical Leader's Manifesto

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Develop Your Leadership Magic

Alchemy at its Best:

When an organization is prepared to meet a complex and ambiguous business environment because it continuously adapts, transforms, and sees the possible.​

Journey to Results was founded by Annette Brackin, an expert leadership development coach, consultant and culture wizard (an expert in culture wisdom!).

After focusing in several large corporations previously, she is refocused on what she loves most:  helping leaders bring out the magic in themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Her approach to leadership development is fun, collaborative, and magical but serious about results and building agile leaders and organizations equipped to live in front of change, not behind it.

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