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A Life That Works For You

"I Believe that Everyone Deserves a Life that Works for Them."  - Mary Annette Brackin

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This is Who You Become When You Work With Me

  • You can take action in the midst of uncertainty  because you are confident and trusting of yourself and the universe.

  • You live your dreams with confidence, persistence and success.

  • You know the truth of who you are and move past imposter syndrome with ease and grace.

  • You make good decisions for yourself without needing others’ approval.

  • You can set healthy boundaries.

  • You can move towards your dreams regardless of others’ opinions and judgments.

  • You know what you are meant to do and pursue it regardless of obstacles and/or people.

  • You can expand what you think you can do and then do it.

  • You are mindful of how you create your own reality.

  • You can respond to events and situations rather than react to them.

  • You choose success and experience the fruits of your choices.

  • You feel good physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

  • You are weighed “up” with abundance and prosperity vs. weighed “down” with debt, money issues, and other lack issues.

  • It’s easy for you to live in the story of your dreams rather than the story of your current reality.


You know who you are

You believe who you are

You live who you are

You are whole and balanced

Your life reflects the results

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You Have a Life That Works For You

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What Gets in the Way?
  • Limiting beliefs, many of which you don’t know you have because they are stored in your genetics and DNA

  • Trauma, drama and negativity

  • Fear

  • Thoughts, perceptions and how you interpret your experiences

  • What you declare is possible or impossible for yourself

  • The collective consciousness beliefs you buy into

  • Past experiences you keep recreating or bringing into your future

  • Your own self-imposed limitations

  • Your belief you are separate from the universal life force energy 

What's the Path Forward?

Becoming the Truth of Who You Are 

  • You know you are One with the universe & can live your best life

  • You know you are true to yourself and your dreams

  • You are healthy

  • You are prosperous

  • You are virtuous so you can manifest

  • You are making a difference in your career

  • You are connected to your most important relationships


You Can Declare the Truth with your "I AM" statements, believe it and mean it

Your word is your authority and brings forward a life that works for you. If your life isn't working for you, it's time to examine what you are declaring and expecting.

It's time to transform your limiting life beliefs, traumas, experiences and memories into ways of thinking and being that serve you.

How Do I Help You Get There?
Energy Healing
'I AM' Theta Healing

With the Creator of All That Is I bring your brain into a theta state and change beliefs in your subconscious mind instantly.

Life coaching
'I AM' Spiritual Coaching

I give you mindset coaching, mantras and lifestyle practices to create powerful I AM statements that create a reality you want.

"I AM' Energy Healing

I bring healing energy to your chakras, auric fields, meridian points and body elements to promote your own self-healing.

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